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About Us

T-kay music as it was first called and as root of the company and one of  the oldest indie labels initiated by landed immigrant Norway, was first established in as enterprise in 1987 and became incorporated  in 1996 as T-Kay Group Plc AS by the founder and first artist of the label Sam George Udo.E. artistically known as Sampeace Brown, aimed to be used as a source to affect his releases as well as help other local artists in need, who hadn’t access of getting signed by the major record labels in a very secluded record branch then in Norway.

The label’s format was solely focused on production, distribution, promotion, marketing and publishing and licensing of assorted types: POP, REGGAE,SOUL,R&B, HIP HOP & WORLD MUSIC IN GENERAL.
The record label kept on growing and more productive upon all odds and was able to link itself widely both at home and abroad. And was able to co-operate as well as represent various foreign labels at same time licensed good number of international acts, which positively resulted to expansion of its catalogue.

In all efforts to keep waxing strong in a very competitive branch, a new label and subsidiary: Street Solid records Scandinavia was established in 2001 to help foster it’s R&B, HIP HOP format in Scandinavia

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and Europe in general through mutual contacts with USA for  licensing and distribution on some of the major acts on R&B,HIPHOP attached to various indie labels who were opting to enter the Scandinvian/Europian record market then, as the format was growing bigger and bigger, and succeeded in affecting numerous releases on that.

Sequel to unpredicted  global crises that has affected the record industry within the last decade, based on systematic and continuous decline on sales volume, culminated a dramatic down period for the label’s overall activities, gave rise to a serious decline on the total production output and  gradual shrink on the company’s economic benefits, crisis and new ways of adjustment, became the aftermath and the management saw no other way out than to dissolve (T-Kay Group AS). And to forge ahead with its original recording activities, pushing forward for new ideas and re-creation, went into merger with its original name that precipited the present  STREET SOLIDT-KAY RECORDS SCANDINAVIA.

The label is proud to continue its active participation in feeding mankind with high quality music to the best of its capacity.